Who are three tumblr users that you associate me with?
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43/100 pictures of smiling Gerard 

43/100 pictures of smiling Gerard 

Anonymous asked: Oh okay I understand better now thank you for explaining why

Haha you’re welcome


Alex Gaskarth in 2014


let’s just watch movies in just our underwear and kiss a lot


tyler and oli at the apmas (x) (x)

Anonymous asked: Why would you write one story and just fill in three sets of characters? Doesn't that take away from the originality of it. It's basically a Mad Lib. Don't get me wrong it's great writing but couldn't you just settle for one pairing?

I couldn’t, no. A lot of my readers like different pairings. I got a large amount of followers and readers from one of my Kellic fics but I don’t ship Kellic at all anymore. I wanted to give them a little something in return for supporting all of my other Kellic fics despite the fact that I really don’t like that ship any more.

I started writing the story with the Colton and Blake characters but, since people like Kellic and I get about 3 requests for a kellic fic a week, I thought I’d just do a little one off for them. And I also liked the idea for Jalex and I know a lot of people who follow me like Jalex too.

I don’t think it takes away any originality. Instead, it allows more people to experience the writing, you know? It gives people a choice and so maybe more people can experience the story then.

Plus, I barely get any time to write and this story is something that I’ve wanted to write for a while. I didn’t want to try to write a full Kellic fic because I just don’t ship it and it wouldn’t be enjoyable - for me or for the reader. And, I don’t read fanfics so much anymore so the original character story really appealed to me. But, I know that OC stories don’t get too many readers but I still wanted to be able to have that as an option too. I’m not going to cancel the OC story, though, because of that.

Thanks for the compliment though.

Cheap Affairs - Jalex Fanfiction - Chapter One


   There are two other versions of this fic - the Kellic version can be found here and the original character one can be found here :)

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